Say hello to the Timekeeper

Say hello to the fourth band member in Curse Of Cain 

“Please allow me to introduce myself. 

Through centuries of hard trials the world has come to know me as the master of discipline and order. 

As a noble gentleman…

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Say hello to Rainbow

Say hello to the third band member of Curse Of Cain.

Damn! Do you smell that, or is it just me? Wonderful!!! The smell of burning flesh being eaten by napalm in the morning.. mmh, really makes your stomach growl…

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Say hello to The Soulkeeper

Say hello to the second band member of Curse Of Cain. 

“Ah, come now. 

I look like an angel, and I probably am. The old rules of nature encompass many creatures like me. We're beautiful like the star-backed snake, that's…

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Say hello to The Pirate!

Say hello to the first band member in Curse Of Cain. 

“Ahoy ye Scallywaggers! 

You think you can find a better, more valuable and experienced player than me aye? 

Already at a young age I got grabbed by my shoulder…

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Hold on…what did you say???  


The 5th of August Curse Of Cain, in association Sabaton Open Air, will reveal the Band and release one song from their upcoming live show DVD on Youtube! …

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Music Video Pre-Propduction

Hello maniacs! :) 

A lot of things are going on at the CoC headquarters. We are now in the pre-production of the first music video and everything is going well even if it takes some time. Most of the costumes…

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Curse Of Cain takes form

The adventure of Curse Of Cain has started. The crew is complete and a lot of things are going on behind the scenes. 
Here is the first promo photo of the band!

Stay tuned for more...