Bring the metal back into the mountain!

Walk the 384 stairs 80 Meters underground and enter the ravishing sphere of the old iron-ore mine, make your way along the cold walls of the mountain approaching a stage that stands ready - Saturday, November 11th, in the enigmatic Tuna Hästbergs Adventuremine!

The reality that’s always been a fact is now vanishing from your mind as a musical odyssey takes place with Curse of Cain as conductors! 

Move to our beat and get the chance to experience this historic event that marks the maiden occasion of a metal band gracing the depths of a mine with their thunderous tunes! Curse of Cain’s unique blend of metal & theatrics, along with the haunting charm of the underworld, is destined to set a extraordinary unattainable mark in music history!

For Metal Aficionados! Adventure Enthusiasts! Music Lovers! For those with an insatiable craving for the unconventional! -  This unprecedented flock of phantoms promises you a spine-chilling show that will resonate in the mine for generations to come! Embrace the darkness! Let the music take hold! Let all sh*t go & be part of an unparalleled journey into the heart of time & space!